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Yoga Gel Toe Spacers, one of the Most Comfortable Toe Stretcher + Muscle Stretch


$8.99 per unit 
$7.99 per unit when bought by the case 
$6.99 per unit when bought by the pallet
  • [SIZING] WOMEN: US Shoe Sizes 5.5 - 11.5 / MEN: US Shoe Sizes 6.5 - 10.5.
  • Activewear Toe Spacers - designed to prevent foot and joint problems.
  • [SOFT] HIGH ELASTICITY: BPA-Free 100% medical-grade hypoallergenic gel
  • Progressive stretching is recommended.
  • [QTY] - One pair Toe Spacers and Limited-Edition bundle for Medication-Free Foot Pain Relief.

Gel Toe Stretcher - Yoga for Toes

  • You want to make your feet feel better after a long day running around in high-heels, work boots or after too much standing?
  • You want to relax your feet, align your toes, relief foot pain, reduce muscle soreness, increase performance and stretch your toe joints and ligaments for deformity treatment/prevention?


With amazing Gel Toe Stretcher, it’s easy and fun to keep your feet on the ground:

These Toe Spacers are easy to put on and take off! Molds after almost any foot shape without creating discomfort.

100% Hypoallergenic Soft Silicone Gel, Shamann Toe Stretcher allows for more flexibility and a customized stretch.

Activewear Design
You decide when you want to wear them. Just stretch your imagination and do it!

How to use - Start wearing them for only 15-30 minutes the first day, increasing wear-time in 15-30 minute increments each consecutive day, to tolerance. Fatigue, muscle soreness, and tenderness appear during the transition process. Toe spacers encourage muscles to flex and work in new ways (similar to any new activity, the soreness should subside while strength gains occur).

Another good thing that a yoga toes buyer should know] - Our feet are the foundation of our entire body and the secret to our overall health and wellness. Restore your feet and you will restore your body's natural ability to heal!

MAKE YOUR LIFE EASY & FUN! Add your bundle to cart now and live each day without pain.