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Yoga Band Flexibility Stretch Leg Fascia Stretcher Strap Ballet Gym Trainer

$7.99 per unit 
$5.99 per unit when bought by the case 

  • GREAT PARTNER - From Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation to Weight Loss & Muscle building, your new band is here with you, ready to be used in a wide range of activities
  • BUILD GOOD POSTURE - Perfect for stretching and developing core strength and stability, work your hips, glutes, abdominals,back muscles and arms to promote upper and lower body strength.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - New “Y” shape with loops offers great variety of exercises and makes you feel free and inspired to create your own workout routine
  • FREE BONUS eBOOK - This band comes with a free PDF guide where you will find tips and benefits on elements of training as well as an illustrated guide with exercises for your new band. The sooner you buy your product, the sooner you'll will enjoy the proven benefits.
  • COMPACT AND COMFORTABLE - Made from safe rubber thread and high strength fiber, easy to carry in any bag, you can workout at home or at the gym, when you travel or when you’re at the office and need that metabolic boost for your day.

THIS IS IT! WORKOUT PARTNER Now you can see the full benefits of stretching and resistance training with just one product. Boost your metabolism and burn more calories, develop strength and mobility, achieve good posture feel of optimal range of motion. DYNAMIC MOVEMENTS : Why not improve your range of motion? Use your band to maintain or go beyond average Range Of Motion. Being a great alternative to conventional weights it also offers a number of exercises, that you would like, by simply changing your body position so you can easily change the tension or muscles that are in use. SQUAT WITH PROPER FORM AND TECHNIQUE Squats are the King of all exercises, and performing them correctly will not only eliminate knee and back pain but also will build a better version of yourself. Fitband helps you develop mobility in hips, legs and upper back, and when squatting with it provides stability for correct movement, keeping the knees aligned with ankles behind toes and a straight back. WHOLE BODY WORKOUT : New Y shape design offers lots of exercises by simply switching the sides of the band from upper to lower body. 2” x 4.7” loop sizes provide comfort hold and different level workouts. PROFESSIONAL PHYSICAL THERAPY BAND : Helps in recovery from torn meniscus, ACL, MCL, knee replacement or ITB syndrome.Suitable also for a gentle pre- or post-natal exercise regime.