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Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew 7 Accessories Kit with Stand

  • 🍷PREMIUM Wine Opener KIT: 1 ZINC ALLOY Wine Opener with stand exquisite design, 1 Bottle Plug, keeping wine fresh, 1 Wine aerator which enriches your wine aromas, 1 Drip Ring for preventing stains & 1 Foil Cutter, for a FLAWLESS bottle opening, plus an EXTRA Teflon Spiral. Includes The Wine Bible & The Wine Opener Instructions, hard copies, all in an engraved Wooden Box.
  • 🎁This Wine Bottle Opener Kit will IMPRESS. With its IMPECCABLE, Unique design & COPPER plating, being a fabulous choice for elegant dinners, this Corkscrew Wine Opener is the PERFECT partner for any wine enthusiast. Made from high-quality Zinc Alloy having perfectly finished clamps, this lever corkscrew surprises you through its design and ease of use. Plus, we will provide you with a helpful video on how to CORRECTLY use the wine accessories.
  • 🏆This GENUINE Corkscrew Wine Opener earned in June 2018 the BEST SCORE from Spain's Wine Academy for its “flawless” worm insertion on natural and synthetic corks and rapid cork removal requiring “no effort at all”. After opening thousands of bottles, the wine industry experts said that its cork removal performance was "exemplary," while other manual wine opener stuck to the lip of the bottle.
  • 🍇DANCE OF AROMAS: This Wine Bottle Opener is ready to release a bouquet of incredible, rich aromas. Pulling the plug, and driving it out of the bottle, strong, yet graceful, the flavors of the wine come dancing out. Placed on its stand, the manual Wine Opener will carefully watch over how, drop after drop, the wine slips into the glass and then start to spoil your sense with its amazing aroma.
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