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Thermal Mat - Self Warming Heating Pad for Pets Cat and Dog Bed - Grooming Glove

  • ✿ COZY AND COMFORTABLE WARMING PET MAT - Vangardio thermal pet mat is a self warming and heating mat based on aerospace industry grade materials to reflect and preserve body heat. Similar products are just simple blankets or use electricity to provide warm, not the case with Vangardio thermal pet mat bed usable for cats, small dogs or other pets.
  • ❤ SAFE COMFORT AND 100% PET FRIENDLY - Providing a high level of comfort and safety, this self warming pet mat cushion becomes favorite pet nest. If you have a nursing female, pet recovering from illness and injury, aging pets or newly born kittens and puppies, this is the best possible lair for them. Our mat is safe, non-toxic, created from eco materials with no chemicals, gels and BPA free.
  • ☀ WINTER IS COMING - There is no need for batteries or power outlets to assure a comfortable spot during the Winter for your dear pet friend. Inside, on the sofa or floor, the thermal mat assure the proper temperature and comfort needed by your pet. Outside, in mountain cabin or car, it protects your pet by feeling the cold underneath their paws. Sleeping on the mat ensures that heat and comfort surrounds your loved pet.
  • ☁ ANTI-SLIP WASHABLE COVER - Outer layer of the Vangardio thermal pet mat is made from a velvet soft fleece material. Its ingenious design allows for easy removal of the cover by a simple zipper. The fleece keeps pet hair off your sofa or bed, and it is washable by hand or washing machine. The bottom material of the fleece cover is made by a high non slip material with dots to assure a tight grip on the surface. You can protect your sofa while keeping the pet near you safe and loved.
  • ☆ PURRRFECT GIFT SET - We put together the perfect gift set for your pet or friends. Our nice package contains the Thermal Pet Mat Bed + Pet Grooming Glove for massaging and hair removal + Stainless Steel Pet Hair Comb for complete grooming. This all in one bundle box is the ideal gift set for a pet lover. If you’re not completely satisfied with any of our products, contact Vangardio customer service.
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