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Superior Sleeping Bag Set - Lightweight Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack and Polyester Sleeping Bag Liner

LightCamper Sleeping Bag is designed with 320T Polyester Ripstop Shell Fabric. This special fabric is extremely light but also offers great temperature control, making it possible for the bag to weight just 2.85 lbs including the compression sack. With the compression belts tightened at max, the LightCamper is only 9.84 inch high, perfect for fitting into any truck, luggage and even in bigger backpacks.
In full size, the sleeping bag is 86.6 inch long and 29.5 inch wide, the perfect size for an adult.

Waterproof, warm and comfortable

The fabric of the sleeping bag is waterproof, perfect for camping in any weather conditions. The sleeping bag was built to be a versatile solution for camping trips in most seasons with extra care to details like the overall comfort, ability to protect the users from elements and temperature control.