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Shower Filter Hard Water Softener - Removes Chlorine, Flouride, Impurities and Heavy Metals for your Healthy Skin and Hair

  • REDUCES HEALTH RISKS: The shower filter purifying system by Wuuland uses KDF and coconut shell carbon ensures chlorine level reduction, making it easier for your body to fight infectious diseases, allergic reactions and physical fatigue. This shower head water will help you strengthen your immune system, while reducing the risk of developing asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory affections.
  • REMOVES HARMFUL SUBSTANCES: The complete, multiple filtering inline system of Wuuland water filter shower significantly decreases the amount of heavy metals, sulf, flouride, ammonia, pesticides, rust, sediment and inhibits bacteria growth for better overall health. Keep your shower walls cleaner thanks to the removal of metals, excess calcium and residue buildup with our shower lead filter.
  • IMPROVES SKIN AND HAIR CONDITION: The water filter bathtub acts as water softener for hard water so brittle hair and dandruff no longer represent an issue. Washing your hair in chlorine-free water also ensures a longer lasting shine for dyed hair. This shower water softener filter eliminates itches and irritation, allowing the skin to become softer, moisture-retaining and younger-looking.
  • EASY, SECURE INSTALLATION: The shower water filter by Wuuland comes equipped with all the necessary accessories for a quick setup. The shower filter hard water package includes 2 silicone O-rings, teflon tape and instructions, to ensure you get a bathroom water filter that is leakage-free, high pressure water flow for a pleasant shower experience. No tools or special skills are needed. It can be placed over handheld, overhead and combo shower heads for versatile home use.
  • KEEPS HAIR DRY WHEN NEEDED: The reusable shower cap provided comes to complete the set of the bathtub water filter softener. The elastic band keeps it tightly in place, not allowing it to slip and get your hair wet at the wrong time. It can be used simply to keep hair out of the way during makeup or in the kitchen, when cooking. With a velvety, comfortable interior lining, it's extremely lightweight, convenient to take along on travels.