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RED 65 Exercise Yoga Ball Extra Thick Yoga Ball Pilates Balance Anti-Burst w/ pump


$13.99 per unit (over n/a units available)
$11.99 per unit when bought by the case (aprox: 40 cases available)
$9.99 per unit when bought by the Pallet (2 pallets available)

  • Stability Ball COMPLETE Set: The PROFESSIONAL Grade Anti-Burst Super thick 65cm REDExercise Ball for women and men + The SUPER Strong Warm-up Elastic Loop + One Foot Pump, with ALL needed accessories + one EXTRA pin for the valve & The HARD COVER Go-To Workout Guide. Finally ONE pack to put your fitness at ease!
  • THE YOGA BALL YOU NEED! Forget all the Exercise Balls you’ve seen! This is the ONE for you! Made of SUPER DURABLE, Anti-burst, matte-textured finish PVC, with a no slipping fabric design, this Swiss Ball will HELP you stay fit! Start working out, do a bit of yoga or simply RELAX on the Yoga Balance Ball at work or at home! Finally, you can enjoy those fitness hours and see the RESULTS!
  • VARIETY AT ITS BEST: This Exercise Ball is for EVERYONE! Pick a color & size, and start putting the Excersize Ball to good use! EASY TO USE, this Fitness Ball is just the tool to TONE your body. Push-ups, squats, abdomens, crunches, yoga, all can be done with the Workout Ball! Staying fit is simpler with the Gym Equipment Ball!
  • FITNESS IS FUN! Finally, you can ENJOY your Fitness Workout Program! This is why we've made the Exercise Balls INCREDIBLY easy to use! With the Stability Ball pump coming in the pack, anyone can easily inflate the ball SUPER FAST and after a quick and EFFECTIVE warm-up SUCCESSFULLY done with the Elastic Loop, your workout can now begin!

Who ever said that staying in shape was hard work?
Of course you need dedication, a focused mind, patience, but above all you need this Stability Ball to accomplish your fitness goals!

Little progress today, great results tomorrow!
The road to the perfect body shouldn’t be a sprint, but a marathon! Little by little, that fit, perfect, magazine style body will be achieved! The great thing about this approach is that you get to keep it! Achieve the perfect body and then maintain it with this incredible Exercise Ball! Why this Stability Ball? Because it’s the best!