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Professional Gliding Discs and Resistance Loop Bands Bundle

What if I told you that you can have the body of your dreams from the comfort of your own home?

It has never been easier than with this innovative home fitness equipment. Consisting of 2 gliding discs for abdominal and core exercises and 2 different range resistance loop bands, this fitness kit will help you lose weight and get in shape in no time!

How using the core sliders will help you?



These gliding discs provide an almost limitless range of movements, so don’t be surprised if, by using them regularly, you’ll start to:

  • Build muscles and burn calories without hitting the gym
  • Feel more confident and attractive
  • Regain your balance and strength
  • Become more focused and flexible

Not convinced yet? Here are other benefits of the sliders:

  • Speed up your recovery from a recent injury or joint pain
  • Slick and lightweight, you can take them with you anywhere for a quick on-the-go workout

So, let’s talk about our Core Sliders:

  • They won’t lose the glide as long as they’re used on smooth surfaces
  • The plastic side slides beautifully on most carpets
  • Fabric side will never scratch or damage your wood floor
  • Big enough to get most of your foot on (7")
  • Joint-friendly and versatile, they can be used for intense, low-impact workouts

While the Resistance Bands:

  • Are made from latest technology of materials, like strong reliable natural latex so they don't loose any stretchiness and make no smell
  • Won’t split or roll up mid-exercise
  • Feel comfortable and soft on your skin
  • Allow you to vary the intensity of your workout

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