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Premium Pet Grooming Tool by Dog Deshedding Tool | Cat Dematting Comb

  • PLEASANT & COMFORTABLE DESEDDING! The rounded ends PROTECT the SENSITIVE SKIN of your pet but they are sharp enough to get rid of the tangles and mats without pulling hair. This is a great cat comb !
  • GET RID OF ALL TYPES OF TANGLES & MATS ! The pet deshedding brush has 2-sided STAINLESS STEEL TEETH making it very EFFECTIVE ! The side that has 9 stainless steel teeth is the best for pets with LONG hair making the DESHEDDING and THINNING FAST and COMFORTABLE! The 17-teeth is great for dematting and detangling pets with MEDIUM and SHORT hair. Furthermore, this side can be used to brush your big dog or even your small cat's fur.
  • EASY TO HANDLE, EASY TO USE ! The handle of the 2 SIDED UNDERCOAT RAKE is made out of silicone being very comfortable and easy to handle, making the detangling easy and enjoyable for the customer.
  • PRACTICAL DIMENSIONS ! The dimensions of this grooming tool for pets are great for SMALL HANDS but also for BIG HANDS, the handle being thick enough for an easy grab and it’s grip is firm making the best combination. These dimensions make this tool an awesome dog comb!
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