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Posture Corrector Back Support │ Adjustable Clavicle Support Brace that Improves Shoulder Position Pain Relief by Prevent and Protect

  • NEW VERSION POSTURE CORRECTOR - We've upgraded the posture corrector with better fitting and improved support
  • BACK PAIN RELIEF – The Prevent and Protect posture corrector speeds-up recovery and reduces muscle strain. Back support is best to be used to alleviate back, shoulders, and neck pain, allowing you to fully enjoy life.
  • ALIGN YOUR SPINE RIGHT WAY WITH BACK BRACE – Rome wasn’t built in a day and we cannot reverse the damages caused by years of strenuous activity without patience. If you experience a slight discomfort with posture brace, don’t worry! It means the posture corrector for men helper is working and it’s aligning your spine the way it should be!
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR – hunch back brace Thanks to padded straps your Prevent and Protect posture support shoulder is helping you improve posture while staying relaxed.
  • EASY TO USE ADJUSTABLE STRAPS – Shoulder support with its adjustable straps it’s a great fit for people with thorax between 31-43 inches. Whether you are relaxing on your couch or taking a stroll in the park, you can use your posture corrector shoulder brace to improve posture! Starting with 15 minutes a day your spine will start getting back in the correct position, only with back and posture support.