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Pet Sling Carrier and Feeding Bag 2in1 SET

  • Pet sling carrier and one smaller bag for feeding the pet or transport/deposit the carrier.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP - The adjustable shoulder strap is wide enough over your shoulder, making it suitable for your height or structure.
  • FABRIC MATERIAL - Waterproof and resistant, also machine washable, neutral colour fits perfectly both for boys and girls pets.
  • LARGE POCKET - Big compartment in front of the carrier useful for your phone, keys, wallet and other useful things for your baby.
  • OUTDOOR - Easy to take your pet for a walk, in your car, on your bike, to the market or strolling in the mall

This Pet Outdoor Set offers you an adjustable sling carrier suitable for small or medium dogs, cats, rabbits or even polecats up to 10 lbs and a smaller bag for transport or deposit the carrier, also very useful to feed your pet whenever you want or wherever you are.

The COLOUR is very carefully chosen since the gold beige is a neutral colour which represents calm and relaxing, the brown spot in front means security and home, while the red inside is joy, passion and love all mixed together for your baby.

The MATERIAL is best quality, waterproof and resistant polyester outside and soft and comfortable cotton inside, easy to clean in your washing machine. The smaller bag made also from waterproof polyester resistant to any surface you put it on, dirty or wet ground.

The ADJUSTABLE STRAP of the carrier can be easily made longer or shorter because of a soft plastic ring. The strap is also specially fabricated double and wide enough to be comfortable over your shoulder suitable for any height or structure.

The LARGE POCKET in front of the carrier is made big enough to carry your phone, keys, wallet or leash, food and a watering bottle for your pet when you are going for a long time walk.

The HANDSFREE carrier is perfect for outdoor walks, travels by car or by bicycle, going to the market or strolling in the mall, but the most important thing of all these is the fact that your dearest friend is all the time close to your heart and body, so you can show and offer the love and care you receive unconditionally every second from your best forever companion.

This Pet Sling means quality, durability, comfort, fashion, need, joy, care and most important LOVE for animals. ENJOY AND LOVE YOUR PETS!