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Pet Grooming Tool, Cat and Dog Shedding Brush + Dog Whistle to Stop Barking


$8.99 per unit 
$5.99 per unit when bought by the case 
  • KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN AND YOUR PET TIDY: The pet grooming tool is excellent for brushing your cat or dog of the loose hair and removing dirt which can soil your floor, carpets, sofa and even clothes.
  • GENTLE WITH YOUR FURRY FRIEND: Highquality material meets our care for your pet's fur and skin. Specially conceived to be kind, it does not pull the fur or undercoat, preventing nicks and scratches leading to irritation and infections.
  • LONG LASTING USE: Of great endurance due to the material used, this dematting utensil will be there for your pet whenever needed.Easy to use, the ergonomic handle prevents it from slipping,making sure you are in full control without harming your pet.
  • PREVENT ALLERGIES: Using this pet hair remover by Petkore, not only you take care of your furry friend, but also of your own health. Make sure you keep handy this grooming tool to get rid of the dead and unwanted hair for an allergy-free environment
  • EFFECTIVELY TRAIN YOUR MOST FAITHFUL COMPANION: We offer in addition to the rake tool an ultrasonic sound whistle that is intended to train dogs of different ages, gender or breed, and even pigeons.The volume and the pitch can be adjusted.
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