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Pet Car Door Covers for Dogs - Waterproof Interior Protectors Window Panel Guards Shields from Doggie Scratching Drooling

  • PERFECT FOR NEW CARS: Got a new car? You need this superior door cover for dogs. Rest assured that it will NOT damage your car, provided you install the product correctly. This market-leading vehicle door protector has been uniquely designed to guard the interior of brand-new cars and windows from pet nails scratching, drooling and more – a must for EVERY car and doggie owner! It also stays in place and is completely safe for pets.
  • SAFE & UNIQUE: We believe in doing the things right the first time and we cherish people that use their passion and work over-hours to develop new and unique features. We test everything before we release a product just to make sure it will be a perfect fit for every customer. Enjoy two large waterproof pet car door protectors and installation accessories that are completely safe for your brand-new car, truck, jeep or SUV. No more fabric flapping in the wind. No more stress!
  • MAKES A PERFECT BIRTHDAY OR CHRISTMAS GIFT! If you are looking for a great gift (for you or a loved one) that has that “extra-cool and exciting” wow factor inside, then you will definitely love our Car Door Shields. It comes with two pack xl impermeable guards, one for each back door panel, and all the extra accessories needed to use it right away and protect vehicles doors handle – We are your one-stop shop