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Performance -Complete Kit- Hand Grip Strengthener Finger Exerciser Arthritis

  •  POWER&DEXTERITY - Arm Performance is an excellent kit designed to improve strength and dexterity.Excellent for athletes(rock climbing enthusiasts, cross fitness, tennis, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf) and musicians(guitar players, bass players, pianists and violinists).

  • ★ RECOVERY - Relives joint pain,releases stiffness,eases muscle tension while helps recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome,tennis elbow,tendonitis and arthritis.

  • ★ FOCUS - Using Arm Performance Kit you can stay focused on your tasks while you exercise with the stress relief ball, hand grip or finger strengthener.

  • ★ EASY TO USE&ADJUSTABLE - With a twist of the dial, the handgrip adjusts from 10-40 kg of resistance. This will let you adjust the resistance to match your ability. Perfect for seniors, teens, men and women.

  • ★ COMPLETE - Due to its components Arm Performance Kit offers a variety of arm wrist exercises meant to help you develop strong and fit arms.


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