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Cat Bowl Set - Includes 2 Bowls, 4 Toys & 1 Cup


$8.99 per unit (over 100 units available)
$6.99 per unit when bought by the case (aprox: 4 cases available)


Offer Your Cat The Happiness It Deserves With This Incredible, Fully Complete Cat Food Bowls & Cat Toys & Supplies Box ! Do you have an adorable little buddy at home that you take great care of? Or are you looking for a great gift idea for your cat-lover best friend?Whichever the case, don'€™t worry because this set has just the thing you a€™re looking for! Grab Our Deluxe Cat Accessory Set! It does no€™t matter if you already have 3 cats that you love, or you ha™ve just gotten your first one; our set was specially designed to cover the needs of the most demanding owner – and of his/her cat, of course! The cat bowls included in our set are ergonomically designed, they are durable - being made of stainless steel, and they ensure a spill free meal for your four-legged, furry friend. The set of toys contains three balls of different colors and a tricky little mouse all of them with a feathered tail that will wake the hunter'€™s instinct and ensure hours of playing with your cat! Moreover, we included a cup for the perfect amount of cat food, and two bonus gifts as well! A great book which contains 10 extremely useful tips about your cat'€™s alimentation needs and a set of 3 cat- stickers that complete the cat owner€™s kit! You & Your Pet Will Love Our Set – Or We’ll Give You Your Money Back! We have given our best in order to offer you the best quality cat supply set your money can buy. So, What Are You Waiting For?Hurry Up & Get Your Own Feline Accessory Starter Set Now!


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY CAT BOWLS IN STAINLESS STEEL! The two bowls are made of polished stainless steel that withstand the test of time and last you for many years of use! Moreover, they are rust resistant and perfect for both wet/dry food and water. Each bowls dimensions are the followings: lower base 5,90 inches, upper base - 4,72 inches, height 1,41 inch and its food capacity is 7 ounces.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND ANTI-SKID! We thought that your time is precious and made the cat bowls easy to clean. The special rubber ring at the base can be taken off in only a second and you can wash the bowl properly. Also, the rubber prevents the cat dish from slipping and protects the floor from any scratch. Easy as a piece of cake!
  • CUP FOR THE PERFECT PORTION OF FOOD! Your cats well-being is defined by nutrition in a great measure so the precise amount of daily food is to be taken into consideration. One full cup of food provides the ideal portion that should be given twice a day to your cat.
  • TOYS MADE OF NON-TOXIC & NATURAL MATERIALS! Playtime is crucial in the relationship with your little one so a full variety of toys is a must! Our set includes 4 mini mice and balls made of attractive materials such as wood and feathers. Your cat will surely love them all!
  • FULLY COMPLETE CAT ACCESSORIES SET! Say hello to the exquisite, fun, and practical set that includes everything a happy cat needs 2 white, matching, ergonomic and anticorrosive cat bowls, 4 fun toys, one cup for tasty cat food, one free informative book about the cats alimentation needs and 3 bonus stickers!