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Barbell Squat Pad Fitness ,Fits Olympic and Standard weight Bars, High-density Foam Neck and Shoulder Protective Support for Squats, Lunges and Hip Thrusts with Carrying Bag + Safety Strap

  • 💪 GET STRONGER, LEANER LEGS: Activate your calves, quads, glutes and lower back muscles to get the lower-body of your dreams while evenly distributing weight across your traps and back with this Fitness barbell padding. The risks of injury and neck strain are significantly reduced thanks to the premium rubberized foam pad with its ergonomically-designed neck groove.
  • 🏋️FOCUS ON FORM WHEN SQUATTING OR LUNGING: Allow your muscles to grow while protecting your spine from unwanted pressure. The contoured groove cradles your upper spine, giving you the chance to increase your stability. The barbell sponge pad makes your workout more effective, promoting better form in any of the multiple exercises available.
  • 💯VERSATILE AND DURABLE TRAINING ACCESSORY: Made of high-grade, anti-slip foam rubber, the cushioned padding fits firmly on the bar. Created to optimize and enhance your performance, the shock-absorbing foam offers a high-grip surface. Perform any variation of lunges, squats, weight lifting, hip thrusts, powerlifting. Suitable for use with virtually all barbells, from small home gym barbell up to long, Olympic-sized bars.
  • ✅TRAIN IN COMPLETE SAFETY: The included security straps with quick-release buckles are specifically designed to provide a safe weight-lifting experience. Fasten the adjustable straps around both ends of the cushioned pad, tighten them and the sponge pad will not shift or roll around, providing additional comfort. Molding to your body perfectly, the neck and shoulder support will absorb impacts with ease.
  • 🛒TAKE IT EVERYWHERE WITH YOU: You can always count on the robust barbell sponge pad to protect you during a workout. Even if you're away, place the portable foam weightlifting protective pad into the accompanying carry case and you can use it for your favorite workout in the gym of your choice. Neatly packaged, it's an ideal and convenient gift for weightlifting enthusiasts.