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Baby Food Storage Container and Freezer Tray with Silicone Clip-On Lid 10 x2.5oz


$6.99 per unit (single Pack)
$10.99 per unit (double PacK)
$4.99 per unit when bought by the case (single Pack)
$6.99 per unit when bought by the case (double Pack)

Blue, Green, Purple Available 


BPA Free - Perfect for Homemade Baby Food, Fruit Purees & Vegetable

  • WHILE OTHER SILICONE FOOD STORAGE TRAYS might not be 100% safe for your baby, this food freezer tray is specially created to store homemade baby food. It’s made out of premium quality food-grade silicone, BPA free, Phthalates, PVC, Latex-free and also bacteria resistant.
  • WE KNOW YOU NEED a multi-functional silicone storage container that’s easy to use for frozen purees, ice-cubes, finger foods, jelly pudding, mini-muffins, cupcakes, etc. It’s both suitable for the freezer and the oven, up to 425 F. Easy to clean in the dishwasher, won’t get stained and won’t get scratched either.
  • THIS BABY FOOD STORAGE TRAY is the perfect size for your baby. It features 10 pods of 2,5 OZ each, meaning you can prepare the ideal portions your baby needs! Fill the pods halfway at first and up to completely full as your child grows. Due to the round shape of the pods & sturdy base of this silicone freezer tray, it’s easy to release the food portions.
  • WE BELIEVE YOUR BABY DESERVES ONLY THE BEST, so this baby food storage container comes with a silicone lid, 100% safe and easy to remove due to its soft & bendable shape. It seals the tray securely so no food will spill out. It also comes with a soft silicone spoon, designed to soothe & protect baby’s gums!
  • WE KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that you’ll simply love these baby food feeder & ice cube trays.

Making baby food and storing it for several days has never been this simple! Our Swish Baby food maker & freezer container allows you to freeze up to 10 portions of 2,5 OZ each of homemade yummy baby food.

Get creative with different baby puree recipes or use the tray for other purposes as well. This versatile silicone food container can also be used as a child snack tray for finger foods, jelly pudding, mini-muffins, cupcakes or different sauces.

The tray & lid can be used in the freezer for blended baby food or even ice cubes, but the tray can be also used in the oven up to 425 F to cook some delicious desserts for your kids. You can fill the pods to the brim if your baby is older or you can make smaller portions if your baby is just started to adjust to solid food.

Your baby’s safety is our top priority, so these baby food freezer trays with lids are completely made out of premium quality food-grade silicone, 100% safe, BPA free, Phthalates, PVC, latex free and bacteria resistant.

Easy to clean, they can be put in the dishwasher and the silicone is stain resistant so it won’t change color over time.

The silicone lid has a unique clip-on design, allowing it to seal the tray securely so that nothing spills out. It’s easy to remove when frozen, making storing baby food a breeze!

We also a little surprise for you and your baby, these baby food storage feeder containers also come with a small extra gift, a cute silicone soft tip spoon that protects your baby’s fragile gums & teeth while you feed him.