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2 Pack Unisex Non Slip Grip Socks for Yoga, Hospital, Pilates, Barre | Ankle, Cushioned


$7.99 per unit 
$3.99 per unit when bought by the case 
  • EXTRA BALANCE You don't have to be barefoot to feel grounded. The non-slip socks will grant you the stability needed thanks to the grip pattern at the bottom of the sock which will help you hold your poses during Yoga and Pilates practice. The gripping area prevents you from slipping and sliding even at home while walking on hardwood floors. The extra padded tabs make these really comfortable and supportive..
  • EXERCISE SAFELY If it's safe and painless, you're more likely to stick to it! You need to exercise safely to remain healthy and injury-free. Get into all your poses with or without a mat. Ideal for Yoga or Pilates, but also brilliant for Barre, Ballet, Dance, Zumba, Flamingo, Gym or even for Hospital-use, our unique design combined with flexible materials and gripping dots will guarantee confidence and comfort..
  • ECO-FRIENDLY The Eco-Friendly material saves our environment while the advanced knitting technology makes socks lasting longer. Made of 85% combed cotton and 15% spandex for a soft support with the perfect amount of elasticity, these socks fit women's shoe size 5-12 and men's shoe size 4-11..
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC MATERIAL The socks are the best for letting your feet breathe. They are also the hygienic alternative to a barefoot workout, protecting you from germs and fungus on your Yoga studio's floor. They will keep your feet dry and you will not feel sticky anymore..
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE DESIGN These are the most comfortable grip socks you'll ever wear. Breathable black cotton/spandex with heel to toe blue silicone dots are grippy without being bumpy or rigid. Don't like when your socks show outside your shoes? Low profile design fits at the ankle with cushioned achilles tendon tab. The gel dots enhance the soles in order to absorb shock, cushioning your stride and assuring your balance.


Our socks will let you take your yoga skills wherever you go. You can leave your mat behind, these socks don't need it. These glove-like socks are the perfect accessories coming to complete your exercise equipment. If you're looking for socks with non skid surface for the perfect balance and traction, our Sports Yoga Socks is the answer..

Package content: 
* 2 x Pairsof non-slip yoga socks


* 2 Pairsof Non-Slip Yoga Socks with cushioned gel pads

* Made from quality and breathable fabric materials


* Keep control of your motions with the help of our dedicated 
yoga accessories

* Suitable for a wide range of training actions

* Fun and easy to use

* Easy to pack, care and store

We do it because when you control your body movements, you unlock performance. We know that this mindful physical movement require a lot of flexibility and strength, so we have worked hard to design and develop these comfy yoga socks. They can be safely used without a mat, and give you a slip resistant surface anytime, anywhere to increase balance and stability. The best part is that the non-slip grips help ensure the proper footing during any tricky pose during yoga practice.