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Silicone Spatula Set Utensils


$8.99 per unit 
$5.99 per unit when bought by the case 
  • PURPLE GRADIENT DESIGN - VIXIA Exquisite Silicone Spatula Set contains a long handle spoonula and a long handle spatula which can be used for stirring directly in hot pots and pans, a short handle spatula for more precise mixing, stirring and decorating or emptying small jars and a brush for basting and glazing. Last but not least, we added another helpful product, offered COMPLETELY FREE: a large spoon rest, ideal to hold your cooking utensils while in use.
  • HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS - With a durable steel core and made of premium FDA approved 100% BPA free silicone, our products are perfect for non-stick cookware and bakeware. They can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from minus 40°F up to 480°F.
  • HYGIENIC SOLID DESIGN - Seamlessly manufactured and no crevices to allow bacteria to grow, unlike the plastic handle kitchen tools, VIXIA utensils are easy to clean and provide a healthful cooking.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE SET - VIXIA utensils can be used for mixing, stirring, scraping, lifting, flipping, spreading, basting and glazing.

VIXIA products were created to bring things to a different level. The inspiration that led us to creating VIXIA Exquisite Silicone Cooking Set was given by a flower: Honeysuckle. This delicate flower is part of a nearly indestructible plant. That’s the combination VIXIA relies on: indestructibly built products inspired by the beauty of nature. 

Each product has its own shade of purple which create an unique ombré effect: a subtle touch of art, for those who believe that even a kitchen tool can be a small piece of beauty! 

Each set contains the following utensils: 
1 PASTRY BRUSH 8 ⅛” - for basting and glazing 
1 SMALL SPATULA 8” - for stirring in small pots, for precise dessert coating and cream spreading or emptying small jars 
1 LARGE SPOON (spoonula) 10 ⅞” - for mixing, stirring, scooping and tasting 
1 LARGE SPATULA 10 ⅞” - for mixing, stirring, scraping, lifting, flipping and spreading 
1 SPOON REST 9 ⅛” x 4 ½” - ideal to hold your cooking utensils while in use. 

Main benefits of VIXIA Cooking Tools: 
● Non-Stick 
● Ergonomic, easy-to-clean, one piece hygienic design 
● Steel handle support 
● Safe for coated and non-stick cookware 
● Premium FDA approved 100% BPA free silicone 
● Heat resistant up to 480°F 
● Stain and odor resistant 
● Dishwasher safe 
● Loops for storage on utensil rack 
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