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BBQ Grill Brush by 17" Barbecue Cleaning Brush With 3 Thick Brush


$8.99 per unit (over 1.000 units available)
$7.99 per unit when bought by the case (aprox: 60 cases available)
$5.99 per unit when bought by the Pallet (3 pallets available)



The party should start any minute now, your guests are about to arrive, but you still didn’t clean the grill so you can light up the grill?! Well, don’t worry! Now you can clean the grits in no time and start your BBQ party as fast as you would say „BBQ brush”.

We are offering professional grilling tools suitable to all the grilling enthusiasts. Our product is a premium BBQ brush that is appropriate for all grill types, so you can obtain a delicious barbecue for your family and friends.

If you love the outdoor grills while spending time with your friends and family, but you don’t like cleaning that burnt fat or grime, don’t worry because those days are long gone. This BBQ brush cleaner is that tool which will completely change your grilling experience. Clean the grits like an expert with this tool that has 3 brushes in one handle. Remove all dirt from one move with the three brushes that have stainless steel bristles which are strong enough to clean the mess, yet delicate enough to not damage or scratch the porcelain or the ceramic grill grates.

The main reasons why you should choose the barbecue brush:

  • The handle is made of reinforced plastic to prevent bending or breaking when scrubbing.
  • Perfectly angled head which lets you clean the entire barbecue surface, even the spots which are harder to get to.
  • The stainless steel bristles have a 360-degree design which allows you to remove the dirt from top and sides in a single stroke.
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