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Inflatable Camping Pillow Set Compact, Non-slip Neck and Head

Inflatable Camping Pillow Set by Heva Sports | Compact, Non-slip Neck and Head Rest Blow-up Cushion + Sleep Mask and Corded Earplugs
  • STAY COMFORTABLE NO MATTER WHERE YOU'RE TRAVELING: Covered with a soft velvety top layer, the inflatable travel pillow by Heva Sports is designed for optimal neck and lumbar support wherever you choose to rest, camping, hiking, plane traveling or simply stretching at the office.
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: The attached sack lets you compact the pillow down to the size of glass of water for easy packing. The built-in valve allows adjustment of the level of firmness, to suit your preference and the slip-resistant fabric keeps your head safely in place for an uninterrupted night.
  • SLEEP LIKE A BABY: With a 3D-designed nasal bridge and deeply molded cups for eyes, the sleeping mask provided in the Heva Sports sleep set is the perfect aid in resting your tired eyes. It efficiently blocks out light, while allowing free eye movement. The soft, breathable material is firmly kept in place by a non-intrusive, adjustable elastic band for a refreshed, enjoyable sleep.
  • KEEP THE NOISE DOWN: We also included a soft reusable pair of silicone earplugs created to reduce noise, the smooth pods fitting your ears for maximum protection. The corded feature makes losing one of them impossible so feel free to use them as often as you want. You can use them when traveling, swimming and even for increased concentration studying.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR TOP PRIORITY: Designed with an ergonomic profile, the Heva Sports’s air travel pillow features a high quality nozzle allowing quick inflation to your desired level of comfort. We pride ourselves on the premium quality of our product and we offer a money-back guarantee to cover for any potential inconveniences. Take advantage of a full refund or product replacement, whichever is more convenient.
  • 3.9 x 2 x 2.4 inches ; 3.84 ounces
  • 3.8 ounces
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